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Senior Set Modeler - Mainframe TV - Octonauts

We are currently seeking a Senior Set Modeler to join our Octonauts team on a short term contract. Under the guidance of the Modeling Supervisor, the Senior Set Modeler with be responsible for building digital sets per the project's requirements.


  • Senior Set Modeler translates 2D designs into 3D objects.
  • Advanced expertise in creating environmental sets in alignment with the determined creative style and direction of a project.
  • Collaborates with designers, riggers, surfacing artist, animators and technical directors in order to facilitate optimal shot production while adhering to the schedule and quota fulfillment.
  • Collaborates with rigging team to set up articulation points for animation.
  • Collaborates with surfacing artists to ensure models match aesthetic and creative requirements of the projects overall look.
  • Collaborates with animation team to ensure models are structured in such a way to achieve intended performance requirements.
  • Collaborates with designers to ensure all necessary designs are created.
  • Creatively plus material in order to achieve the project's set standard of modeling and establishing the level of complexity for environments.
  • Mentors and trains the artist to consistently strive towards excellence.
  • Generates models with the goal of optimal performance while being mindful of effective and efficient use of production resources.
  • Provides vision, feedback, motivation and encouragement to the team.
  • Interprets and implements notes and feedback from Director(s) and/or Department Supervisor in a timely and qualitatively acceptable way.
  • Adheres to digital file management protocols.
  • Aligns and engages with the values of Rainmaker: a culture of community, connectivity, creativity and collaboration.
  • Interacts respectfully and professionally with colleagues, staff members and clients.
  • Additional duties as requested.



  • Degree and/or diploma in fine arts or animation or equivalent experience is preferred.
  • 3-5 years of experience working in a professional environment within their discipline.


  • Advanced ability to work with polygonal, NURBS and subdivision topologies to create surface models ranging from highly stylized cartoon characters to photorealistic fantasy creatures.
  • In-depth knowledge of human and animal anatomy, physical motion, weight, balance and form.
  • Experience in 3D animation and rigging preferred.
  • High level proficiency in using Maya, Mudbox and ZBrush is required. 
  • Ability to mentor and train. Open to and encourages feedback and new initiatives. Shares information and techniques with team members.
  • Collaborates with Department Supervisor and production management team to organize workflow and completion.
  • Solid work ethic and positive attitude. Ability to work under pressure. Self-motivated and pro-active. Consistently strives to expand knowledge base.
  • Efficient and detail oriented. Ability to complete work with minimal supervision.
  • Strong problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively.
  • Strong verbal and presentation skills with the ability to communicate ideas clearly.
  • Practices attentive and active listening. Shares information, methodologies and ideas with others. Incorporates feedback and direction received from the Director/Supervisor.
  • Makes decisions in a timely manner. Accepts accountability for own actions. Creatively solves problems, eliminates roadblocks and focuses on issue at hand.
  • Ability to fulfill performance objectives with minimal revisions and deliver assignments on time.

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