This is Where it Happens

A unique, innovative and multifaceted entertainment company focused on producing exceptional content, Rainmaker houses a top-tier roster of talent along with a broad range of established, branded property development and original projects.

Our Vancouver-based studio provides a work environment that fuels imagination, encourages inventive approaches to development and provides advanced technology solutions, all in the pursuit of producing high quality, engaging entertainment content for today's myriad media platforms.

We live by a few basic rules:

  • Innovation
    We encourage and strive to implement new ideas and innovative ways of approaching our development and production.
    Rainmaker is filled with storytellers. Our studio supports collaboration and artistry at every level.
    Challenging ourselves to reach new heights, we consistently raise our standards.
    We foster a creative workplace that inspires our passionate artists, and provides them with opportunities for growth.
    Rainmaker cares about community - both the community we create in our studio, and the one we contribute to outside of our studio.